For we were young and we had wings
welcome to harry
author of military history
From the Battle of Britain Commemoration

High above the field meadow lark
was singing in the morn
As the sun breaks o'er the Valley
a brand-new day is born
The morning mist is rising as
the sun burns off the dew
And slowly the building
and the planes come into view

Suddenly there's a flurry of activity all around
people running everywhere,
the roar of engines shake the ground
The Spitfires and the Hurricanes
take to the air in the threes
They skim across the meadow
and lift up to clear the trees

They've gone to meet the enemy
heading for the English shore
The odds they face are five to one
and sometimes even more
It’s impossible to stop them all,
there's bombers breaking through
London docks their target but anything will do

These planes that's falling from the sky,
not all are German-made
We lose some of our own boys during every raid
The S/L shouts," They're returning back,
we've beat them at their game
Let's head for home and service up,
before they come again"

And come and they did, in waves
and waves but found they never would
Pound old England in the ground
and keep her there for good
The brave young that faced them,
the Warriors of the sky
Came from every walk of life, but,
by God they sure could fly

Then it was all over,
they had beat them fair and square
The Pilots of the Commonwealth
were Masters of the Air

Written by Robert Criggle