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Air Commodore "Billy Bishop" visits 402 Squadron in England, Sept. 17, 1945

Three fellows enjoying downtime
(L to R)
Flt.Lt. Norman Trask of Yarmouth, N.S.
Sqdn.Ldr. Robert Morrow of Vancouver
Flt.Lt. Norman Bretz of Toronto

At Station on the Thames Estuary, Trafalgar Square

(L to R)
Sqdn. Ldr. Norman Bretz
WAAF Officer "she's very nice, isn't she?"
P.O. "Butch" Hanley
Flt. Lt. Bob Morrow
Flt. Lt. Norman Bretz
(L to R)
F/O Harry Crease-  F/O Bob Morrow-  Sgt. Graham Robertson-  F/O "Rocky" St. Pierre-  F/O Jim Thompson-  Flt.Lt. Vaughan  Corbett
Following their return from a sweep across the channel and northern France, one of the pilots describing an act

(L to R)
P/O Dave Smith,P/OLes Ford-  Flt.Lt.Fred Kelly(with model plane) and the others are unknown

P/O Ed "Pappy" Reyno
Sqdn. Ldr. Robert Morrow
Our first C.O. Sqdn. Ldr. Gordon MacGregor
RAF pilots in the "Battle of Britain" attend 2nd anniversary at the Ministry of Information Conference
(L to R )

Sqdn.Ldr.A.C.Bartley,DFC-  Wg.Cmdr.D.F.B.Sheen,DFC & Bar (Australia)-  Wg.Cmdr.R. Gleed,DSO,DFC-  Wg.Cmdr.Max Aitken,DSO,DFC(Canada)-  Wg.Cmdr.A.G.Malan,DSC,DFC(S. Africa)-  Sqdn.Ldr.A.C.Deere,DFC(New Zealand)-  Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding-  Flt. Officer E.C. Henderson,MM(Scotland)-  Wg.Cmdr.J.A.Kent,DFC,AFC(Canada)-  Wg.Cmdr.D.B.F. Kingcombe,DFC(Born in India)-  Sqdn.Ldr.E.H Watkins,DFC-  W.O.R.H.Gretton
Brave People - Our Heroes
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